Upcoming films & events


Dir: Ceyda Torun

For thousands of years, cats have lived alongside humans in Istanbul becoming an essential part of the community. Captivating and joyous, Kedi explores the lives of seven street cats and their connection to the city and people of Istanbul. 


Dir: J. P. Sniadecki

Filmed over three years on China’s railways, The Iron Ministry traces the vast interiors of a country on the move: flesh and metal, clangs and squeals, light and dark, language and gesture. Scores of rail journeys come together into one, capturing the thrills and anxieties of social and technological transformation.  

Open City: THE LURE + Q&A

Dir: Tomas Leach

With the astonishing New Mexican Rocky Mountains as backdrop, we meet Forrest Fenn - an eccentric Air Force veteran and art dealer who decided to hide a treasure worth $3 million - and a series of fanatic treasure hunters lured in to the American West with the goal of decoding Fenn’s cryptic instructions. 


Dir: Jonathan Olshefski

Shot over a decade, this tender and moving film is a portrait of a family living in North Philadelphia. Set against the backdrop of a country now in turmoil, Quest is a profound testament to love, healing and hope.


Dir: Amanda Lipitz

An uplifting and vibrant film following an inner city Baltimore high school Step team. Under the guidance of their mothers and mentors, the ‘Lethal Ladies’ step team fight against the odds and use their dancing as a way to express themselves, unite their peers and keep chasing their dreams.