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Phantom Parrot


When a human rights activist is arrested by UK border police for not handing over his electronic devices, a government surveillance programme is exposed.

We Are Many


On February 15th 2003, up to 30 million people demonstrated against the impending Iraq War.

OCDF 2023: Coconut Head Generation


This observational documentary transitions from the safety of a small lecture hall to the streets in the height of the #EndSARS movement.

OCDF 2023: Non-Aligned Film Archives 07: A performative lecture by Léa Morin


Léa Morin joins us for a performance lecture tracing the missing films of Moroccan filmmaker Karim Idriss

OCDF 2023: El Juicio (The Trial)


Recently discovered archive footage is used to piece together the trial of nine high-ranking military representatives following the collapse of the Argentinian dictatorship.

OCDF 2023: Najeun moksori (The Murmuring)


Six elderly women recount their past lives as ‘comfort women’ at the mercy of Japanese soldiers during World War II.

The Hearing


Four asylum seekers re-enact their asylum hearings in an unconventional exploration of the immigration process.

Once Upon a Time in Uganda


A love of cinema brings two unlikely friends together in a story of determination, passion and Chuck Norris.

OCDF 2023: Anhell69


The harsh reality of queer life in Medellín makes itself known in this haunting elegy to lost friends.