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Another Body


An ordinary American college student discovers that she has been the victim of one of the most widespread internet crimes - deepfake pornography.

London Migration Film Festival: The Other Half


For 15 years, photojournalist Giorgos Moutafis bears witness to the journey of refugees across the dark crossings of Greece’s borders.

London Migration Film Festival: In the Rearview


This fly-on-the-wall film captures Ukrainians as they are forced to leave their homes and drive into the unknown.

On the Adamant


On The Adamant is a richly rewarding insight into a space of mental health care with humanity and respect at its core.

Is There Anybody Out There?


Filmmaker Ella Glendining sets out on a global search to find someone else with a body that looks the same as hers.

London Palestine Film Festival: Twelve Beds


A group of Palestinian adults return to the orphanage they grew up in, stirring up questions of identity, sacrifice and homeland.

Hong Kong Mixtape


A love letter to Hong Kong's creative community, celebrating their passion, talent and resilience.

The Mission


In 2018, a young American missionary was killed while attempting to contact one of the world’s most isolated Indigenous peoples.

Seaside Special


A German filmmaker finds himself in an English seaside town, taking an affectionate look at the last, authentic end-of-the-pier variety show.