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DocHouse Shorts: New Voices, New Media


In this world of hyper-content creation, how do you get noticed? How do the stories that matter get seen?

A Year In A Field


BAFTA-winning filmmaker Christopher Morris tells the story of a Cornish field over one climatic year.

A Cat Called Dom


Real life and fiction blur in this heartfelt, award-winning fusion of animation and documentary filmmaking.

Phantom Parrot


When a human rights activist is arrested by UK border police for not handing over his electronic devices, a government surveillance programme is exposed.

If the Streets Were on Fire


With youth violence in London on the rise, a group of young people ride through the streets under the slogan ‘Knives Down, Bikes Up’.

We Are Many


On February 15th 2003, up to 30 million people demonstrated against the impending Iraq War.

A Symphony for a Common Man


A gripping investigation into the political corruption that led to the invasion of Iraq and a clarion call for honesty in international politics.

OCDF 2023: Coconut Head Generation


This observational documentary transitions from the safety of a small lecture hall to the streets in the height of the #EndSARS movement.

OCDF 2023: Non-Aligned Film Archives 07: A performative lecture by Léa Morin


Léa Morin joins us for a performance lecture tracing the missing films of Moroccan filmmaker Karim Idriss