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Doom Scroll: Andrew Tate & the Dark Side of the Internet


This look at the dark side of the internet uncovers the forces boosting inflammatory figures like Andrew Tate to worldwide attention.

Youth (Spring)


Director Wang Bing follows the daily grind of young textile workers in small garment factories near Shanghai.

Eternal You


Eternal You follows tech start-ups that use a wealth of data to develop 'digital doppelgangers' to reconnect with those they have lost.

DocHouse Shorts: From There to Here


Join us for a free online screening of five short-but-perfectly-formed docs that face up to change as an inevitable part of life. UK ONLY

RAI Film Presents: How (Not) to Build a School in Haiti


Development, history, and colonialism collide when a seemingly simple aid project spirals out of control in Haiti.

RAI Film Presents: Our People Will Be Healed


A Cree community in Manitoba, Canada turns to education as part of their efforts of community healing and cultural revival.

Strike: An Uncivil War


40 years on from the Battle of Orgreave, this is the story of the most violent confrontation during the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike.

Democracy Noir


Three courageous women fight to expose corruption, lies and the destruction of democracy as Viktor as Orbán chips away at Hungary's democratic institutions.

Dust & Metal


A vibrant montage of archive film offers an unorthodox perspective of Vietnam through it's ubiquitous mode of transport: the motorbike.