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OCDF 2023: Anhell69


The harsh reality of queer life in Medellín makes itself known in this haunting elegy to lost friends.

Otto Baxter: Not A F***ing Horror Story


Follow writer-director Otto Baxter as he reimagines his life as a man with Down Syndrome in a raucous comedy-horror-musical set in Victorian England.

Bobi Wine: The People’s President


Music star, activist and political leader Bobi Wine rallies against the oppressive regime of Ugandan President Museveni in a perilous fight for freedom.



A screening + panel discussion addressing the human cost of Russia’s actions in Chechnya and Ukraine.

F For Fake


An innovative masterpiece, now recognised as a class in the history of cinema, Orson Welles' inventive film is a cinematic essay on the topic…

American: An Odyssey To 1947


Charting the meteoric Hollywood rise of Orson Welles, this expertly-crafted doc immerses us in the complex yet interwoven milestones of the 1940s.



Welcome to Richland, Washington, a city built for one purpose: manufacturing weapons-grade plutonium for the Manhattan Project.

The Wind Blows the Border


In Brazil, a struggle rages between indigenous women and farmers over who lay claim to their ancestral lands.

The Longest Goodbye


A beautiful, thought-provoking study of space-bound isolation.