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This World Is Not My Own


Tracing the life of folk artist Nellie Mae Rowe and the personal and political events that shaped her body of work.

Non-Aligned Newsreels: Fragments #4


Mila Turajlic's live documentary performance invites the audience to confront archival material which has fallen out of political narratives.

Knit’s Island


a French film crew spends 900 hours in the survivalist videogame DayZ and the resulting documentary is filmed entirely within this virtual world.

Mr Graversen


Mr. Graversen is a film full of heart and courage, about the human potential for change and the challenges it entails.

Catching Fire: The Story of Anita Pallenberg


Drawing on words from her unpublished memoir, this intimate portrait explores the life of Anita Pallenberg as she saw it herself.

Flickering Lights


In a remote village on the India-Myanmar border, 70 years after Indian independence, news floats in that electricity may arrive.

Made in England: The Films of Powell and Pressburger


Martin Scorsese celebrates the legendary films of Powell and Pressburger in this intimate and personal doc.

Big Banana Feet


This long lost film of Billy Connolly's 1975 tour of Ireland captures the Big Yin at his beguiling best.

The Soil and the Sea


In Lebanon there are more than 100 untouched mass graves. The Soil and the Sea unveils the violence lying beneath the landscape.