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My Name is Happy

Now Showing

Shining a light on femicide in Turkey, we follow Mutlu who went from teen singer to fearless survivor.

Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power

Now Showing

In this compelling cine-essay, Nina Menkes takes us through the history of the male gaze in cinema.


The Natural History of Destruction

Showing on Thu 08 Jun

A poignant archival film on the destruction of European cities in World War II that raises complex moral questions.


Now Showing

In Northeast Siberia, a wildfire is raging. Expecting no help from the authorities, the villagers rally to tackle the encroaching blaze.

Sunday Session

Terra Femme

Showing on Sun 28 May

Terra Femme weaves together questions of mobility, the gaze, and early female filmmaking, in a film essay about past worlds and cinematic excavation.

Jewish Britain On Film

Showing on Mon 29 May

Jewish Britain on Film chronicles extraordinary -and some wonderfully ordinary- scenes of 20th Century Jewish life, unearthed by film archives across the nation.


Julie On Line

Showing on Tue 06 Jun

Director Mia Ma films her friend Julie as she tries to find a way to live with schizophrenia.

My Imaginary Country

Showing from Fri 09 Jun

In his latest film, the renowned documentary-maker returns his razor-sharp gaze to a country on the cusp of long overdue change.

The Exiles

Showing from Fri 02 Jun

In 1989, Christine Choy filmed the leaders of the Tiananmen Square democracy movement in the months following the June 4th massacre.

Sunday Session

Rewind & Play

Showing on Sun 18 Jun

A unique opportunity to see Thelonious Monk in a way that very few people did.