Directed by: Agniia Galdanova
Runtime: 1h 37min Certificate: 15


Directed by: Agniia Galdanova
Runtime: 1h 37min Certificate: 15
Topics: Arts & Culture, Sociopolitical

Director Agniia Galdanova points her camera on Putin's Russia, unveiling the harsh repercussions faced by those who stray from societal norms.

21-year-old Gena is a queer performance artist who transforms the streets of Russia into her runway, confronting the public with her other-wordly, extravagant costumes. Through evocative performances, she protests against the government and sheds light on the persecution endured by the LGBTQ+ community. However, her defiance comes at a price and the young activist faces a multitude of challenges, notably the looming threat of compulsory military conscription. Her raw vulnerability is exposed, as she searches for acceptance in a place that adamantly rejects her identity.

Filmed over four years, and spanning the outbreak of war, Queendom is much more than just an artist’s portrait. This visually striking yet thought-provoking film encapsulates a crucial turning point in Russia’s transition from its older to younger generation.

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