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Kokomo City

Directed by: D. Smith
Runtime: 1h 13min Certificate: 18
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Directed by: D. Smith
Runtime: 1h 13min Certificate: 18
Topics: Arts & Culture, Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Sun 27th Aug 2023

Grammy-nominated producer D. Smith delivers this punchy debut, giving us access to the lives of four Black transgender sex workers in New York and Georgia.

Shot in striking black and white, this refreshingly original film is unapologetically frank with a distinctive soundtrack to match.

Reflecting on themes such as love, belonging and identity, the interviews and reconstructions offer insight into the struggles and joys of the women as they find their space in American society. Their wisdom is clear, a result of their breadth of experiences, both hard-hitting and humorous.

Kokomo City is an innovative and empathetic study, offering a fresh perspective on race and gender. Despite being raw and uncompromising, D. Smith always honours the pain and joy of the women, turning their trials into an illuminating portrait of a life rarely explored.