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F@ck This Job

Directed by: Vera Krichevskaya
Runtime: 1hr 44min Year: 2021
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Directed by: Vera Krichevskaya
Runtime: 1hr 44min Year: 2021
Country: United Kingdom, Germany
Topics: Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Fri 11th Mar 2022

Russian news channel 'Dozhd TV' and its fearless founder Natasha Sindeeva struggle to resist mounting pressure from the Kremlin.

Moscow, 2008: Riding the wave of a fairytale love story, wealthy and successful Natasha Sindeeva decides to launch an independent news TV station. Hiring young, unconventional reporters with no track record in government-run media, ‘Dozhd TV’ immediately distinguishes itself from the rest of the country’s news media, unexpectedly becoming a lone island of political and sexual freedom in Putin’s Russia.

It’s not long before the government start closing in on Dozhd. Journalist and insider Vera Krichevskaya films up-close with Natasha and her newsroom crew, as, over ten years, a flight-of-fancy turns into a fight for survival. As Dozhd report on Russian activity in Kiev and Donbas, the Kremlin cracks down, and Sindeeva, fearing for her life, takes Dozhd underground.