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DocHouse Shorts – British Anthologies, Vol. 1

Runtime: 1h 13min
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Runtime: 1h 13min
Topics: Personal Stories
Last Screened: Wed 10th May 2023

These short but perfectly formed documentaries provide a snapshot of contemporary Britain today - an insight into our surroundings and personal stories.

Running order and programme details:

This is Endometriosis
UK | 19mins | 2023 | Georgie Wileman & Matt Houghton

This Is Endometriosis is an intimate, expressive film about how endometriosis has robbed Georgie Wileman of time. Told in the first-person and blending present-day narrative with memories from the past, the film is a uniquely personal account with unprecedented access.

Where I Lay My Head
UK | 8mins | 2021 | Miles Blacket

When the ground beneath a coastal road on the Isle of Sheppey collapsed, sliding into the sea, the residents of the road were evacuated overnight, not knowing whether they’ll ever return to their homes. For Malcolm, whose wife died three years ago, his house is full of irreplaceable memories. Malcolm can’t afford to give up fighting for his home or he’ll lose the connection to his love and the home they built together.

UK | 20mins | 2022 | Jessica Bishopp

Young birdwatchers Mya and Arjun feel the pressure of climate breakdown and the biodiversity crisis. As two reserved teenagers on the cusp of adulthood, they find comfort in birdwatching while being distant from their peers. Fascinated by migratory patterns, Mya spends her time searching for rare bird species, while Arjun is captivated by the beauty of birdsong.

As awareness for conservation and the climate emergency in their communities rise, they find themselves and their voices, emerging as local leaders among a new generation of conservationists.

UK | 26mins | 2022 | Chu-Li Shewring & Adam Gutch
Weaving a multitude of voices, both human and non-human, this sensorial gem explores the environs of the soon-to-be demolished Fawley Power Station.

Mixing archive and present-day footage, the film explores the power station’s history and demolition through playful but profound discussion of themes of ‘power’, ‘nature’, and ‘time’. Set against the backdrop of an ever-changing environment, it addresses the deep psychological role architecture plays in our surroundings and asks, “What is lost when a building disappears?” Or simply, “Does a building have a spirit?”

Q&A with the filmmakers Chu-Li Shewring & Adam Gutch (Fawley), Georgie Wileman & Matt Houghton (This is Endometriosis), Jessica Bishopp (Skyward), Miles Blacket (Where I Lay My Head) and hosted by Sean Parnell, Shorts Programmer at Bertha DocHouse. Filmed on 10th May at Bertha DocHouse.