Dir: Alexander Nanau

The Oscar-nominated Collective follows a team of investigative journalists whose tireless work uncovers a shocking fraud, revealing the price of corruption and ultimately, the price of truth.

Coup 53

Dir: Taghi Amirani

The story of the 1953 Anglo-American coup in Iran that overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh and reinstalled the Shah. Featuring never seen before archive which had been hidden for decades.

China Love

Dir: Olivia Martin-McGuire

Focussing on the $30 billion 'pre-wedding' photography industry, Olivia Martin-McGuire explores how China has developed from its traditional past, and how the new China Dream applies to romance.


Dir: Zara Balfour & Marcus Stephenson

In the High Himalayas of Nepal, children are sent from their remote villages to a Buddhist monk-led school in Kathmandu. After a decade of being away, a group of 16 year-olds are making their journey home, with the danger of earthquakes looming.

Before his voice had dropped, Flynn McGarry was wowing his fellow Californians with his fine dining creations, as his filmmaker mother helped him run a pop up restaurant from her home. Soon his huge talent catches the attention of the national press, turning the young chef into a national phenomenon.


Dir: Francesco Patierno

An astonishing and absorbing insight into the rise of the Camorra AKA the Neapolitan mafia – a complex network of organised crime – as told by those involved, through a patchwork of incredible archive footage.