Marking a return for Professor Laura Mulvey to questions of film theory and feminism, as well as a reconsideration of new and old film technologies, her new book Afterimages (published by Reaktion Books Ltd.) is essential reading for anyone interested in the power and pleasures of moving images.

The title, Afterimages, alludes to the dislocation of time that runs through many of the films and works discussed in these essays, as well as changing temporalities of spectatorship. Beginning with a section on the theme of woman as spectacle, a shift in focus leads to films from across the globe, directed by women and about women, all adopting radical cinematic strategies. Mulvey goes on to consider moving image works made for art galleries, arguing that the aesthetics of cinema have persisted into this environment.

This event is presented in partnership with Birkbeck University, bringing you some of the best events from this year's disrupted Essay Film Festival 2020.

In this event, Laura Mulvey presented her new book and discussed it with film scholar and audiovisual essayist Catherine Grant, and together they presented a video compilation that explores the themes of some of the book's chapters. The discussion is followed by a short Q&A.