We’ve keenly followed Kate Stonehill’s work at DocHouse. Ahead of the release of her new documentary Phantom Parrot, we take a look back at Kate’s work to date.

On Thu 21 Sep, we’re excited to host Kate Stonehill for a Q&A following a screening of her new film Phantom Parrot. The doc is a a razor-sharp analysis of technology, surveillance and structural racism within our Governing systems. Ahead of the Q&A and the film’s release, we explore some of Kate’s earlier work.

Find out more about Kate on her website.

Fake News Fairytale

Dir. Kate Stonehill, 2018, 14 mins

In Veles, Macedonia, teenagers have been creating fake news stories that generate thousands of hits on social media.

Featured in our DocHouse Shorts #1 programme from Sep 2020. 


Dir. Kate Stonehill, 2021, 22min

Unspeakable is a short documentary that combines verbatim performance techniques and intersecting interviews to tell the stories of three men publically labelled as non-violent extremists. The film explores the legality of the processes by which they were named, the responsibility of the media in their representation and questions the infringement of free speech in relation to identity and extremism in Britain today.

Featured in Short Filmmaker Focus: Summer Series – May-July 2022

The Family Statement

Dir. Kate Stonehill & Grace Harper, 2022, 15 mins

The Sackler family are one of the richest families in America, building a fortune on the back of addictive pharmaceutical drugs like OxyContin. Using messages drawn from their private family WhatsApp group, this film constructs a dialogue between the Sacklers and those on the frontline of the opioid crisis. Blending the family’s PR attempts at deflection with the often-unheard voices of those suffering, The Family Statement offers a poignant commentary on capitalism, corporate accountability, denial, and pain.

Phantom Parrot

Dir. Kate Stonehill, 2023, 82 mins

The revelation of a top-secret British surveillance programme brings down the dominoes in a dark and analytical film about technology, rights and structural racism – and about a man with the courage to speak out.

Q&A screening on Thu 21 Sep, 18.30. Book tickets