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Taşkafa, Stories of the Street

Directed by: Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Runtime: 1hr 6min Year: 2013
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Directed by: Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Runtime: 1hr 6min Year: 2013
Country: United Kingdom, Turkey
Last Screened: Tue 2nd Feb 2016

An exploration of memory and belonging told through the story of Istanbul’s community of street dogs supported by readings from John Berger.

Despite major attempts by Istanbul’s rulers, politicians and planners over the last 400 years to erase them, the city’s street dogs have persisted thanks to an enduring alliance with small communities that recognize and defend their right to co-exist.

The film uses readings by essayist and critic Berger, from his novel King, a story of hope, dreams and resistance, told from the perspective of a dog. In Taskafa, this voice is gifted to a range of perspectives: to dogs, a city and, finally, to history and takes the viewer on a journey from Karakoy to Hayirsiz ada.

Offering a collage of testimonials this moving essay film opens a window on the contested relationship between people, animals, power and who controls a city’s identity.

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