Past screening

Name Me Lawand

Directed by: Edward Lovelace
Runtime: 1h 31min Certificate: TBC


Directed by: Edward Lovelace
Runtime: 1h 31min Certificate: TBC
Topics: Personal Stories, Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Tue 25th Jul 2023

Lawand, a young Kurdish boy who is deaf since birth, moves from Kurdistan to Derby in desperate search of a world where he can communicate. When his family faces deportation, Lawand's new life comes under threat.

When a young Kurdish boy called Lawand joins the Royal School for the Deaf in Derby, he learns to communicate and to understand the world for the first time. Deaf since birth, Lawand’s prospects were limited in Kurdistan, and his family undertook the treacherous journey from Iraq to the UK, desperate to to find a place where Lawand could communicate.

As he learns British Sign Language, the isolated and traumatised boy begins to open up, developing friendships, confidence and hope for himself for the first time. But this new life soon comes under threat when the family face deportation, and, along with members of the Derby community, they begin the fight to stay in the place they now call home.

Edward Lovelace (The Possibilities are Endless) follows Lawand’s journey as he finds his voice through BSL, using striking sound design and visual language to bring us intimately close to Lawand’s experience of the world.

A heartening tale told with poise and empathy, but with deep political undercurrents.

David Jenkins

Little White Lies

Empathic and inspiring portrait of deaf Iraqi refugee boy.

Peter Bradshaw

The Guardian