Past screening

Hong Kong Mixtape

Directed by: SAN SAN F YOUNG
Runtime: 1h 26min Certificate: TBC
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Directed by: SAN SAN F YOUNG
Runtime: 1h 26min Certificate: TBC
Topics: Arts & Culture, Sociopolitical
Last Screened: Sat 18th Nov 2023

With the introduction of the National Security Law in 2020, underground artists and creatives in Hong Kong find themselves targets, with their works disappearing. As their freedom of expression comes under attack, what was once ‘normal’ becomes forbidden.

Narrating us through this time, director San San F Young weaves together her own personal story with works by artists, musicians, dancers, illustrators and performers, highlighting the power of using art as a form of activism. Navigating this new authoritarian normal, they race to preserve Hong Kong’s creative uprising.

Hong Kong Mixtape is a love letter to the region and its people, celebrating the passion and talent of its creatives, and honouring the resilience of those who make their voices heard even when silenced.

The screening on Saturday the 18th of November was followed by a post-screening discussion. Hosted by Siu Heng from the Hong Kong Film Festival UK.

Presented in partnership with the Hong Kong Film Festival UK.

The Hong Kong Film Festival UK (HKFF UK) aims to shine an international spotlight on Hong Kong cinema in its broadest sense. A new wave of cinema produced within Hong Kong and in diaspora is built upon Hong Kong’s and East and Southeast Asia’s rich cinematic as well as broader socio-cultural heritage. Through this new wave, the Festival strives to promote cultural interactions and spark exchanges between Hong Kong communities and the world.