Dir: Florence Martin-Kessler & Anne Poiret
France / 2013 / 75mins


Date: Thu 21 November, 2013
Time: 20:00
Price: £7 (£5 conc)
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How do you go about building a state from scratch? How will the constitution be written? Who will bankroll the infrastructure? How will a police force be trained? What will the national anthem be?

The Republic of South Sudan became the world's newest state and the United Nations' 193rd member on 9th July 2011. After a 50-year civil war, which killed over 2 million people, the stakes and hopes are high.

Starting on the day of its independence, filmmakers Florence Martin-Kessler and Anne Poiret chronicle the first year of South Sudan's independence, in which the first foundations of this fledgling democracy are laid. The newly formed government is aided by the UN's professional State Builders, bringing experience from Kosovo and East Timor. From planning a new capital city to making provisions for returning refugees, the film follows Lise Grande, deputy head of the UN in South Sudan and Riek Machar, former guerrilla chief and newly appointed Vice President, as they attempt to build the new State.

Directors Florence Martin-Kessler & Anne Poiret will join us for a post-screening Q&A via Skype.

Please note: There won't be adverts or trailers before this screening and the film will start promptly at 8pm.

Official Selection - IDFA 2012