The Rule-Breakers: ROGER & ME + Intro

PART OF The Rule-Breakers: Innovations in the Documentary Genre
Dir: Michael Moore
United States / 1989 / 91mins

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Date: Tue 17 November, 2015
Time: 15:45
Price: £5
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Michael Moore picks up the canon of Rouch and subjective intervention, placing himself in the frame , Moore broke the perceived boundaries of the ‘obvervational’ genre, delivering a film that again changed the perimeters of documentary. Best Film - Toronto Film Festival 1989
Audience Award - Berlin Film Festival
Best Film - Vancouver Film Festival 1989
Best Documentary - National Society of Film Critics 1989

After his hometown, Flint, experienced multiple economic blows due to General Motors' radical plant closures, Michael Moore - college dropout turned muckraking reporter - headed up a novice film crew and embarked on a gonzo quest to discuss Flint's troubles with GM chairman Roger Smith.

Breaking perceived boundaries of the 'observational' genre Moore placed himself in the film and used his quest to interview the elusive Roger Smith as a frame to tell the story of Flint's terrible economic decline after GM cut 30,000 jobs there.

The resulting film launched the career of the most successful documentary filmmaker of his generation. With an original flair for comedy and provocation, Moore turned his quixotic mission into an exploration of the vast divide between winners and losers in the American economy. Roger & Me is a radical act of filmmaking that again changed the perimeters of documentary. 

The film will be introduced by Professor Ian Christie

Part of The Rule-Breakers, a new 10 week series at Bertha DocHouse featuring films that have influenced and developed the art of documentary and which continue to inspire us today. To see the rest of the programme click here.