The Rule-Breakers: ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER + Intro

PART OF The Rule-Breakers: Innovations in the Documentary Genre
Dir: Kevin Macdonald
United Kingdom / 1999 / 94mins

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Date: Tue 24 November, 2015
Time: 15:45
Price: £5
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In 1972, athletes from around the globe gathered in Munich, Germany for the Olympic Games. However, the Olympic spirit of brotherhood and peaceful competition was shattered when eight Palestinian terrorists invaded the athletes' quarters to take the Israeli team hostage while the world looked on, incredulous. Using extraordinary archive footage including the only surviving member of the Black September group, the film tells the dramatic story of what happened during those 21 hours in Munich.


Structured like a race-against-the-clock conspiracy thriller and using all the tools of what is now post-modern documentary, the film challenged convention and attracted a huge audience to become one of the pioneers of docs that were big hits in the cinemas - and won an Oscar for director Kevin Macdonald.


The film will be introduced by Professor Ian Christie

Part of The Rule-Breakers, a new 10 week series at Bertha DocHouse featuring films that have influenced and developed the art of documentary and which continue to inspire us today. To see the rest of the programme click here.