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No Burqas Behind Bars

Dir: Maryam Ebrahimi & Nima Sarvestani
Sweden / 2012 / 77mins

In the Takhar prison in Afghanistan 40 women are serving long sentences for 'moral crimes'. These crimes largely involve the defiance of men, from rejection of forced marriage to infidelity to fleeing violent relationships.

With rare and unprecedented access, director Nima Sarvestani captures the micro-society that is established among these women, who are bonded by the repressed and vulnerable positions society metes out to them. An eye-opening portrayal, NO BURQAS BEHIND BARS observes the stark irony that many of these women ultimately feel safer, freer and more human within the prison walls than they do in the world outside.

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Date: Thu 12 September, 2013
Time: 19:30
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