MY NAME IS SALT Screening + Director & Cinematographer Q&A

Dir: Farida Pacha
Switzerland / India / 2013 / 92mins


Date: Thu 28 August, 2014
Time: 17:30
Price: £11 (£8 conc)
There are currently no screenings of this film.

India's Little Ran of Kutch desert seems to extend for eternity. There's not a tree or blade of grass in sight but for eight months of the year 40,000 men, women and children trek across India to scrape a living from this most unlikely place: harvesting salt. Filmmaker Farida Pacha follows one family as they attempt this seemingly impossible task. Under the blinding glare of the sun they work the land; the labour is a rhythmic dance that mirrors the dance of the mirages on the burning horizon. All this before the monsoon rains return and desert becomes ocean once more. My Name is Salt is a beautiful portrayal of an extraordinary world.

Winner of Best Documentary at this year's Edinburgh Film Festival, this is a striking debut from Farida Pacha who uses Lutz Konermann's mesmerising cinematography to powerful effect.



Following the film Director Farida Pacha and Cinematographer Lutz Konermann will join us for a Q&A.

With thanks to the Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom.'s a meditative, immersive picture of labour as an act of faith, made with striking flair and beauty - Sight and Sound

A beautifully-crafted meditation on the grueling work of salt production. (...) Director Farida Pacha and her cinematographer Lutz Konermann manage to distill this process into something exquisite, a film crystalline in its austere purity, like the commodity of the title - Hollywood Reporter

Winner: Best Documentary, Edinburgh Film Festival, 2014

Winner: First Feature, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 2013

Winner: Documenta Film Festival, Madrid, 2014

Winner: Documenta Film Festival, Madrid, 2014

Official Selection: Hong Kong Film Festival, 2014