Filmmaking Competition: REGROWTH

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Uri Kranot is a co-founder of research and development studio TinDrum and a creative co-director of ANIDOX, a creative platform for the development and production of animated documentary projects.

This global workshop invites people of all abilities to make a short documentary on the theme of “Regrowth”. Entries can have a duration of 3-7 minutes, and you can find out more on the prizes and how to enter here.

If you would like your regrowth-themed doc to use animation in its exploration of the topic, Uri will be giving a horizon-expanding introduction to animated documentaries, where he will cover all the latest movements and trends that have been transforming this field of the documentary form.

Uri will also go into some of the creative process behind making your own animated documentaries, and will be there to take questions if you’d like to know anything else about taking a beginner animation project to the next level.

As well as our archive and desktop documentary workshops, we hope this workshop will open up another way in which anyone can have a go at making a documentary, no matter what the situation looks like in the world around them.

This event is accessible worldwide. Start at 7pm on Thursday 8th April, if you would like to be able to ask questions in the Q&A. From 9:30pm on Thursday 8th April, you will be able to access a recorded version of the event until 11:59pm that day.

HOW TO WATCH: This programme will be broadcast live on our custom built streaming site. Once you have registered to attend, you will receive an email on the day of the event with further details about how to access our streaming site. If you are a Gmail user, please consider moving our emails to your Primary tab.

You can find out more about ANIDOX here, or TinDrum here.