Dir: Bram Van Paesschen
Belgium / 2011 / 77mins

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Date: Thu 19 April, 2012
Time: 19:00
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The Chinese march across Africa is halted in the face of local workers on a road building site in the Congo.

Lao Yan is in charge of a multi-million pound project in DR Congo, rebuilding the road connecting Kolwezi and Lubumbashi, alongside his Mandarin-speaking Congolese interpreter Eddy. They face a rocky road of Government supply failures, dodgy local company deals and cultural miscommunications at every turn, adding to the tensions in their own prickly relationship.

The result is a harsh but absurdly funny roller-coaster of confrontations and frustration, exposing the condescension of the Chinese masters towards their quietly disdainful Congolese workers.

Screening with short documentary White Elephant.

'A day by day account of globalisation at work' - Filmmaker Magazine