Part of Why Poverty?
Dir: Weijun Chen
China / Somalia / 2012 / 59mins

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Date: Thu 15 November, 2012
Time: 20:00
Price: £7 (£5)
There are currently no screenings of this film.

What does an education get you?

China's economic boom and talk of the merits of hard work have created an expectation that to study is to escape poverty. But these days China's higher education system only leads to jobs for a few, educating a new generation to unemployment and despair.

Weijun Chen's film looks at the realities of Chinese education through the lives of Wang Zehziang, a tutor at a private college, Wang Pan, high school graduate and would be student, and Wan Chao, graduate job seeker who goes from one unpromising interview to another.

This double bill screening is part of Why Poverty?, a cross media event, online and on TV, using films to get people talking about poverty.

In Solar Mamas, thirty illiterate mothers and grandmothers head to India's ground breaking Barefoot College, where they will be trained to become Solar Engineers. In Education Education, director Weijun Chen looks at the realities of a higher education system in China that only leads to a jobs for a few.