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Dir: Orlando von Einsiedel
2020 / 30mins

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This week our Programme Associate Carol Nahra welcomes Academy Award-winning filmmaker Orlando von Einsiedel. Orlando is drawn to telling inspiring stories of humble heroism from around the world, often combining intimate personal narratives with macro level politics, powerful visual aesthetics and on-the-ground journalistic muck-racking. Discussing how Orlando’s producer Joana Natasagera pushed Orlando to make his most recent feature, Evelyn - a very personal exploration of the devestatating impact of Orlando’s brother’s suicide on his family. 

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Watch Orlando’s films: 
SKATEISTAN (2011) on Vimeo or YouTube.
VIRUNGA (2014): watch on Netflix.
THE WHITE HELMETS (2016): watch on Netflix.
EVELYN (2019): watch on Netflix and DocHouse's Q&A
RADIO AMNIA (2011): watch on IDFA.
AISHA’S SONG (2011): watch on Vimeo. 

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