Dir: Angela Chrislieb & Stephen Kijack
Germany / 2002 / 80mins


Date: Sun 15 December, 2002
Time: 19:00
Price: -
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New York is host to several of the most addicted and eccentric film-watchers in the world; obsessives who watch films daily not merely for pleasure, but also as a psychological necessity. Many relate to life on the movie screen rather than interacting with other people and film-watching has become an obsession which has overtaken their lives. Each cinephile has developed his and her own systematic checklist, in an effort to organise incredibly complex timetables.

The aim is to see the maximum amount of quality films on screen in numerous venues in New York City on any particular day. As much a portrait of New York, these intimate portraits of five film lovers show their private spaces, habits and rituals. Charming, entertaining and touching, Cinemania shows how the five people cope with life permanently lived at a film festival.