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Art of Protest: ART WAR - UK Premiere

Dir: Marco Wilms
Germany / 2014 / 84mins

Art War tells the story of the young Egyptian artists inspired by the Arab Spring who through graffiti, murals and music try to salvage their revolution.

Director Marco Wilms travelled to Cairo, recording the artists activity for over 2 years, from the hope of 2011 to the downfall of Morsi in 2013. The film shows the outburst of creativity celebrating Mubarak's fall and demonstrates how the extraordinary images came to be used as a weapon to spread a political message. By 2013 the Arab Spring had become an inferno, with images of martyrs dominating powerful murals across Cairo and Egypt. Wilms details how the Egyptian youth have adapted traditional mural art into a new form – as a weapon to fight for their unfinished revolution.

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Date: Sun 5 Apr 2015 - Wed 8 Apr 2015
Price: £9 (£7 concessions)
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