Acasa, My Home

Dir: Radu Ciorniciuc
Romania / Finland / Germany / 2020 / 86mins

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In the sprawling green wilderness of an abandoned water reservoir just outside Bucharest, the Enache family - a Roma couple and their 9 kids - live totally off grid amongst nature, following the rhythm of the seasons. 

But their lifestyle is about to radically change. When the authorities evict them and claim back the land, the Enaches are forced to move to a cramped apartment in the city, having to make radical adjustments to the rules of society: to school, to social services and to the racism they experience in the concrete jungle. 

This keenly observed 3-year portrait from first-time director Radu Ciorniciuc captures a family who have always lived on the margins, struggling to redefine their sense of home and re-find their freedom.