Past screening

OCDF 2022: Territorio

Runtime: 1hr 23min Year: 2023


Runtime: 1hr 23min Year: 2023
Topics: Personal Stories
Last Screened: Mon 12th Sep 2022

In Focus: Alexandra Cuesta, is the first UK survey of her work and includes all her completed films as well as other films selected by Cuesta, with an emphasis on recent productions by Ecuadorian filmmakers and artists.

Playing as part of Open City Documentary Festival 2022 – In Focus: Alexandra Cuesta, presents the first UK screenings of her films, plus a curated selection of work from Ecuadorian filmmakers and artists.

Territorio is a series of portraits of the people of Ecuador photographed in their environment. Progressing as a series of fragments, life plays before the camera while the subject of each shot holds a pose. Cuesta’s aim is to complete the work of Belgian poet Henri Michaux who travelled across Ecuador in 1927, jotting his impressions in his diary as he discovered the country’s landscape and populations.