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A documentary musical travelling the length of Dublin’s fabled North Circular Road evoking narratives from the history of the city and nation, from colonialism to mental health, to the struggle for women’s liberation and gentrification

A Bunch of Amateurs

Dir: Kim Hopkins

Members of a quintessentially British working-class amateur filmmaking club, ‘BRADFORD MOVIE MAKERS’ grow old together amid flickering memories and challenging final years.

‘In different places, different thoughts emerge.’ Irish artists, Desperate Optimists (aka Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor) have spent three decades in England – raising their now nearly-adult daughter Molly, and putting down creative and personal roots.


Dir: Matthew Heineman

The final months of America's 20-year war in Afghanistan are captured up close by director Matthew Heineman, who films not only with departing US Special Forces, but on the ground with the Afghan soldiers who remain, as the Taliban move closer to Kabul.

Sansón and Me

Dir: Rodrigo Reyes

Two Mexican men - the filmmaker Rodrigo Reyes, and an undocumented migrant called Sansón imprisoned on a life sentence - come together to tell Sansón's story, in an unforgettable film that pushes the boundaries of cinematic imagination.

Blue Island

Dir: Chan Tze Woon

This cinematic tapestry of contemporary Hong Kong weaves together the memories of older generations' historical experiences with the struggles of the younger generation striving to preserve their freedom today.

Hidden Letters


There are very few people today who know the secret language of Nushu. Written in poems or songs on paper-folded fans and handkerchiefs, the historical language was developed by Chinese women, who were forbidden to read or write for thousands of years.


Dir: Alexandre O. Philippe

Lynch/Oz explores one of the most fascinating puzzles in the history of motion pictures: the enduring symbiosis between America’s primordial fairytale, The Wizard of Oz, and David Lynch’s singular brand of popular surrealism.

Join us for a special screening of the award-winning documentary As I Want followed by a panel discussion and reception. Presented by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in partnership with Movies That Matter.