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Dir: Alla Kovgan

In a career spanning seven decades, Merce Cunningham’s innovation expanded the frontiers of dance, reshaping it into a new kind of art form. Eschewing labels like “avant-garde choreographer”, he preferred simply to be called a “dancer”. 

His focus on dancing as a visual experience is vibrantly realised in Alla Kovgan’s film, which brings to life dances originally created by Cunningham between 1942 and 1972, in surprising settings. 

Midnight Family + Q&A

Dir: Luke Lorentzen

There’s a severe lack of government ambulances in Mexico city - so families like the Ochoas have stepped into the breach. At night they scour the streets of the city in their second hand ambulance, coming to the aid of those in need - from whom they have to ask for payment.

One More Jump

Dir: Emanuele Gerosa

Jehad and Abdullah were raised in the Gaza Strip, and together founded the Gaza Parkour Team, who use the ruins of the city as a playground for their free jumping. When Abdullah escapes to Italy, their lives diverge - but both still yearn for freedom.


Dir: Fredrik Gertten

With record rents pushing tenants out of housing in London and in cities around the world, Push examines who is behind the crisis in affordable housing. This is not gentrification - it’s much more sinister.


Dir: Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker's subtle but fierce account of blacklisting in the UK construction industry reveals the longlasting impact on workers who found themselves unemployable after their names were added to a secret list.

The Disappearance of My Mother

Dir: Beniamino Barrese

After a lifetime in front of the camera lens, 75 year old Benedetta Barzini wants to disappear. Her son, on the other hand, wants more than ever to film her. With this tension at the heart of his film, first time director Beniamino Barrese has made both an intimate, nuanced portrait of an iconoclastic woman, and an enigmatic tract on images, identity and filmmaking itself.


Dir: Dolya Gavanski

Women's Day tells astounding stories by women born in the USSR - pioneers and survivors - whose testimony reveals their experience from the 1917 Revolution to the present day.