Young Plato + Dir. Q&A


An endearing, observational portrait of a Belfast primary school and its mould-breaking, philosophy-teaching headmaster, Young Plato follows a visionary educator and his dedicated team as they encourage students to reach beyond their boundaries.

How might women today respond to feminist concerns of the 1970s? Yours In Sisterhood brings some of the thousands of letters written to 'Ms.Magazine' to life, by inviting strangers from across the US to read them aloud and respond.

In the wake of Brazil’s economic and social crisis, students protest and occupy hundreds of schools. Inspired by the collective voice of the movement itself, Your Turn is narrated by three high school students, who represent the central points of their struggle.

Guo Pei is China’s only haute couture designer. This uplifting documentary takes the viewer inside the world where she creates extraordinary works that honour the female form whilst also challenging it.

Advertising is inescapable. You’re Soaking in It deconstructs advertising’s pervasive presence in our daily lives with a look at the development towards Big Data, high technology and targeted surveillance.