What will future generations think of us in a historical context? Will they look back on us with despair? Who We Were observes thecurrent state of the world, accompanied by six intellectuals and scientists who reflect on the present and postulate about the future.

We Are Russia

Dir: Alexandra Dalsbaek

In the run up to the 2018 Russian Presidential election, filmmaker Alexandra Dalsbaek follows a group of young activists on the campaign trail for opposition candidate Alexei Navalny.

Has the legacy of punk been distorted and commodified beyond all recognition? Joe Corre most definitely thinks so. In 2016 the son of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood burnt millions of pounds worth of punk-era memorabilia in protest.

When the beloved Canadian documentary maker Peter Wintonick died in 2013, his daughter Mira began work on the unfinished film he left behind, merging it with a moving portrait of the man himself.

Rubika Shah’s award-winning and energising film charts a vital national protest movement. Rock Against Racism (RAR) was formed in 1976, prompted by ‘music’s biggest colonialist’ Eric Clapton and his support of racist MP Enoch Powell.


Dir: Dolya Gavanski

In this absorbing foray into the lives of Soviet women, director Dolya Gavanski speaks to a rich mix of women whose stories give an insider’s perspective on Russian feminism.

In a tiny Greek village, hit hard by the economic crisis, cousins Christo and Alexandros are thinking creatively about their tomato farm. With ingenuity, patience and the help of five grannies, they are about to crack the international organic food market.

Part of Say What Happened - Nick Fraser selects, a series of films curated by former Storyville editor and BAFTA award winner to coincide with the launch of his new book.

Ten years after the passing of his wife and partner, Jeanne-Claude, installation artist Christo sets out to realise The Floating Piers, a project they conceived together many years before.


Dir: Florian Weigensamer & Christian Krönes

Welcome to ‘Sodom’, a blazing, toxic electrical dump in Agbogbloshie, Ghana, where thousands of men, women and children work through the waste that has been illegally shipped there.


Dir: Cam Christiansen

With different animation styles, Wall brings to life a monologue originally performed onstage by playwright and screenwriter Sir David Hare. Speaking to friends in Israel and Palestine, Hare considers ramifications of the wall dividing Israel and Palestine.

In rural Slovakia, a young man dresses up in army gear and plays with other men in a forest. Peter Švrček has chilling intentions. The ‘Slovak Recruits’ undergo bullying indoctrination techniques to join Švrček’s paramilitary movement while he dreams of a worldwide rise of the right.

The dark side of globalisation is revealed through the story of the Glock pistol: the Austrian designed weapon-of-choice, fetishised in films and the arts and a regular top seller in the international arms market.


Dir: Kevin Macdonald

Tracing the singer’s upbringing and phenomenal career through to her early death in 2012, Whitney remembers the talent and tragedy that surrounded Whitney Houston.