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From Academy Award winner Alex Gibney, this brand new documentary is a searing indictment of Donald Trump's failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Secretly filmed over five months, with damning testimony from a series of public health officials and whistle blowers. 

The Forbidden Reel tells how the Afghan cinematic archive was rescued from destruction by the Taliban. And what an archive it is: it reveals a rich auteur cinema reflecting a long forgotten Afghanistan.


The Kingmaker

Dir: Lauren Greenfield

Having spent her years as the First Lady of the Philippines on a heady monopolistic rampage, buying up European jewellery shops and iconic New York skyscrapers, Imelda Marcos is looking for a way to regain political control.


The Cave

Dir: Feras Fayyad

The story of a doctor who worked on the outskirts of Damascus, whilst 400,000 people are trapped in a relentless bombardment which has been going on for years.

With the skyscrapers of the City glinting nearby, the traditional working-class inhabitants of East London's Hoxton Street navigate the rough seas of gentrification and austerity, in a revealing portrait of London today.

It’s 2017, an abnormally hot summer in New York and there is a sense of uncertainty and instability in the air. Brett Story’s The Hottest August is an absorbing social study about hopes, dreams and our current climate