A richly cinematic portrait of a fearless artist, Nothing Compares charts Sinéad OʼConnor's phenomenal rise to worldwide fame, before her iconoclastic personality led to her exile from the pop mainstream.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has somehow survived a Novichok assassination attempt and as the charismatic politician recuperates in Germany, he sets out to investigate his would-be-killers.


Dir: Berwick Street Film Collective: Marc Karlin, Mary Kelly, James Scott, Humphry Trevelyan

'a landmark work of British political cinema, and of collective and feminist filmmaking.' that explores the highs and lows of the campaign to unionise women office cleaners in the 1970s.

The story of the Palestinian resistance leader Naila Ayesh, offers a window in the history of a fierce, relentless and discerning network of Palestinian women who led a civil resistance movement during the First Intifada in 1987.

Pioneering Aboriginal painter Albert Namatjira carved out his place in art history with his expressionist landscapes. Yet when the copyright to his work was posthumously sold off, his family take up the fight to restore his legacy.

In 1994, six men were gunned down in a pub while watching a World Cup soccer match in Loughinisland, Northern Ireland. Academy Award-winning documentarian Alex Gibney reopens the original case to investigate why no culprit was ever brought to justice.

Nick Broomfield: SOLDIER GIRLS

Dir: Nick Broomfield & Joan Churchill

Soldier Girls follows a platoon of women undergoing basic training at Fort Worth, Georgia. The women have all joined for different reasons and while some are dedicated to defending their country, others seem to have had no other option. 

National Bird follows the dramatic journey of three whistleblowers who are determined to break the silence around one of the most controversial current affairs issues of our time: The secret U.S. drone war.


Dir: Chantal Akerman

One of cinema's most innovative figures, Chantal Akerman passed away in tragic circumstances in 2015. Her last film, No Home Movie, is her most intimate and personal work: a record of her relationship with her mother over the course of the latter's last year of life. 

The Islamic revolution of 1979 banned female singers from appearing in public in Iran, stopping them from performing solo, unless to an exclusively female audience. Determined to fight back against the cruel ban, Sara Najafi plans...