Dir: Alessandro Cassigoli & Casey Kauffman

18-year-old Irma Testa is idolised in her native Italy when she becomes the first woman to make it onto the Olympic boxing team. But soon, Irma is questioning whether she has sacrificed too much to make it to the top.

In a Chinese Buddhist orphanage in Africa, Enock Alu, is one of three hundred orphans from across rural Malawi, growing up between the contrasting worlds of traditional village life and the strict discipline of the Confucian, Buddhist value system of the Chinese.

Profiling three of the city's legendary doormen, Berlin Bouncer delves into the irresistible, pounding heart of the city's club scene through its period of greatest transformation, from the fall of the Berlin Wall til today.

In its eighty year history, the iconic American record label Blue Note has repeatedly pushed creative boundaries. Founded in 1939 by Jewish German refugees, who simply loved the new type of music called jazz, the label became a game changing platform for African Americans.

Chris Sievey became a legend as Frank Sidebottom, a bizarre enthusiastic figure with an over-sized papier-mâché head. Beneath the head was a brilliant musician and comedy genius, remembered here by figures including former band member Mark Radcliffe and punk poet John Cooper Clarke.

The ghosts of Spain continue to haunt the present in this moving documentary, which lays bare the searing legacy of Francisco Franco's regime on the LGBT population - including persecuted poet Frederica Lorca.

An intimate portrait of legendary Swedish film director - Ingmar Bergman. Following a year of his extraordinary work, personal demons and conflicted relationships with women, the film creates an enticing analysis of this most iconic and controversial genius.


Dir: Emma Davie & Peter Mettler

A moose sits chewing in the snowy woods, sunlight shimmers on a buffalo, steam rolls over a spectacular geyser. In sublime landscapes, philosopher David Abram questions the connection between humans and nature.