Bani Singh’s phenomenal in-depth look into her father's past as a gold medalist hockey player starts off as a lovely look down memory lane that soon develops into an investigative documentary into the lost friendships and fallout of the Partition of India.

Il Buco

Dir: Michelangelo Frammartino

A decade after his critically acclaimed Le Quattro Volte, Michaelangelo Frammartino returns with this equally unclassifiable cinematic delight.

Revealing a rarely discussed but strongly enforced law in South Korea, Shadow Flowers follows a North Korean woman who finds herself trapped in South Korea, unable to return to her family in the North.


Dir: Paola Calvo & Patrick Jasim

An intimate portrait of three courageous female wrestlers (Luchadoras) from Ciudad Juarez. Despite being surrounded by machismo they redefine the image of women in Mexico.

Winner of the top prize at IDFA, Mr. Landsbergis tells an absorbing story of the Luthianuan nation's fight for independence between 1988 and 1993. This epic documentary focuses on music professor Vytautas Landsbergis, who by the will of fate became the first Head of Parliament of Lithuania after it left the Soviet Union.

This revelatory programme of five newly-restored short documentaries is a tribute to the work of pioneering female documentary-makers whose contribution to the genre is widely overlooked, including Ruby and Marion Grierson.


Dir: David Fairhead & Anthony Palmer

Lancaster tells he story of the iconic WW2 bomber through the words of the last surviving crew members, re-mastered archive material and extraordinary aerial footage of the RAF’s last airworthy Lancaster.

A-Ha: The Movie

Dir: Thomas Robsahm & Aslaug Holm

Almost 35 years after their breakthrough, the 'Take On Me' stars are still together and touring the world. This is the full story of how three young Norwegian men chased their impossible dream of making it big.


Dir: Francesco Montagner

Jabir, Usama and Useir are three young brothers living in the Bosnian countryside. They have grown up in the shadow of their father, a strict Islamist preacher, but when he is sentenced to two years in prison, the brothers are suddenly left alone, and begin to question their father's teaching.