Antipodes are places diametrically opposite one another on the Earth's surface. In this audacious, contemplative, stunningly beautiful work, master documentarist Victor Kossakovsky takes us to four antipodal pairs...


Dir: Florence Martin-Kessler & Anne Poiret

Starting on the day of its independence, filmmakers Florence Martin-Kessler and Anne Poiret chronicle the first year of South Sudan's independence, in which the first foundations of this fledgling democracy are laid.

Something doesn't add up for seasoned reporter Jeremy Scahill, when the scene of a supposed Taliban honour killing in the village of Khatabeh in Afghanistan starts to sound more like a botched (and covered up) US military night raid. 

When Salma was 13, her parents took her out of school and locked her away in a room with a single window. After 9 years she gave in to pressure to agree to an arranged marriage. Following Salma on a trip back to her village...

Throughout Richard Nixon's presidency, three of his top White House aides documented their experiences with Super 8 cameras. Using this treasure trove of material, director Penny Lane has created an extraordinary record of the Nixon era.

Refusing to succumb to taboos around working women in conservative Moroccan society, Khadija makes a successful living as a camerawoman at weddings in Casablanca, despite her family's disapproval.

No Burqas Behind Bars

Dir: Maryam Ebrahimi & Nima Sarvestani

In the Takhar prison in Afghanistan 40 women are serving long sentences for 'moral crimes'. These crimes largely involve the defiance of men, from rejection of forced marriage to infidelity to fleeing violent relationships.