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We know it's not easy to go out and make a film safely at the moment, part of our 'New Reveries: The Power of Archive Now' competition, we're inviting people from all round the world to spark a golden age of archive documentaries from home.

Brian Jones was fragile and ill-equipped for life in the global spotlight. A musical genius who could play countless instruments, his talent was offset by a weakness for temptation which led him time and again into trouble.

Jones displayed a huge talent for music  - his early obsession with blues and jazz led him to advertise for the bandmates which became the Rolling Stones.  He also was a playboy - fathering six illegitimate children with six different women -  and had an affinity for drugs and alcohol. As one contributor notes, he was the “DNA of the band’s rebellious nature.”


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In a career spanning seven decades, Merce Cunningham’s innovation expanded the frontiers of dance, reshaping it into a new kind of art form. Eschewing labels like “avant-garde choreographer”, he preferred simply to be called a “dancer”.