Our upcoming Q&As will be diving into the worlds of cinematic history, artistic daredevils and musical giants, welcoming prolific documentarian Nick Broomfield and eco-activist Vandana Shiva.

Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power

From Fri 12 May. The screening on Tue 16 May will be introduced by Laura Mulvey.

In this compelling cine-essay, Nina Menkes takes us through the history of the male gaze in cinema, unpicking the ‘powerful vortex of visual language’ that has defined popular cinema over the past century.

Taking Laura Mulvey’s seminal essay – ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema’ – as a starting point, Menkes draws from more than 175 film clips from canonical Hollywood favourites and cult classics as well as interviews with filmmakers and scholars to outline the many ways in which film reflects and reinforces patriarchal power structures.

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The Artist and the Wall of Death

Thu 18 May, 18:20. Followed by a Q&A with director Maurice O’Brien and producer John Kelleher.

Scottish artist Stephen Skrynka sets his sights on mastering the ‘Wall of Death’ – the traditional fairground attraction – but not entirely successfully. This endearing film is as much about the price we pay for our obsessions as it is about finding community and kindred spirits through art.

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The Stones and Brian Jones

Thu 25 May, 18:20. Followed by a Q&A with director Nick Broomfield.

The latest film from Nick Broomfield’s (Kurt & Courtney, Whitney: Can I Be Me, Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love) uncovers the true story and legacy of Brian Jones, the founder and the lost creative genius of The Rolling Stones.

Featuring revealing interviews with all the main players and unseen archive released for the first time, the film uncovers how the founder of what became the greatest rock & roll band in the world was left behind in the shadows of history.

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The Natural History of Destruction

Thu 8 Jun, 19:00. UK Premiere, presented by Pushkin House. Followed by a filmmaker Q&A.

This event is part of the comprehensive programme Witnessing History: Films by Sergei Loznitsa, dedicated to the multifaceted oeuvre of this Ukrainian director.

Inspired by W.G Sebald’s book of the same title, The Natural History of Destruction is a poignant inspection of the aerial bombing and destruction of European cities in World War II that raises complex moral questions. Is it morally acceptable to use the civilian population as a means of war? Is it possible to justify mass destruction for the sake of higher “moral” ideals? These questions remain as relevant today as they were 80 years ago, and their urgency is tragically manifested in current political events.

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