UP IN SMOKE: Q&A with director and editor

Thursday 15th September, 2011

Slash and burn farming is an environmental catastrophe on the rise. Around 250million domestic tropical farmers use the technique that gives a year's fertile soil, which then washes away with the next year's rains, perpetually forcing growers into fresh rainforest. Deforestation accounts for more carbon emissions than all international transport, and slash-and-burn accounts for around half of that. But there is an answer. Cornish scientist Mike Hands has been working with a sustainable solution in Honduras for the past 20 years. We follow his struggle to break the devastating cycle and challenge international agricultural agencies.

Adam Wakeling

Adam Wakeling is a self- taught documentary maker. He has been involved in a number of short films as a director/writer, an editor for Future Shorts, and has extensive experience in international distribution and co-production. Up in Smoke is his first foray into full-length documentary production.

Claire Ferguson

Claire has edited many award-winning documentaries and has worked with directors across very varied backgrounds, from Nick Broomfield's Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (best documentary, Tribeca 2003) to first time director Adam Wakeling's Up In Smoke (2011) and Concert for George, which took home the Grammy for best music documentary in 2005. In 2009 Claire edited The End Of The Line (Rupert Murray) and then Guilty Pleasures (Julie Moggan).



Special Mention Green Jury Sheff DocFest 2011