Tuesday 3rd March, 2020

This one's for the musical outsiders; the cassette tape lovers; the underground introverts, and the do-it-at-home-yourself-ers. This one's for R. Stevie Moore, the self-confessed bedroom hermit who never sold out, never went mainstream, and made over 400 self-released albums.

Tim Burgess, Ariel Pink and Mac Demarco are referencing his music and singing his praises, but R. Stevie Moore got left behind by never making it 'big'. Now, in his sixties, with his body not working quite like it used to, R. Stevie Moore is hitting the road on a world tour. And he's not making it easy for anyone.

Depending on which side of the R. Stevie Moore line you fall, this doc by first time filmmakers Imogen Putler and Monika Baran will either be your introduction to the greatest musical genius you've never heard of, or your chance to relive the magic of your favourite proud weirdo. Either way, it's also a reminder that success is a hard thing to measure and it can come at any stage of life, whether you're ready for it or not.

Directors Imogen Putler and Monika Baran talked all things R. Stevie Moore in a post-screening Q&A on Tuesday 3rd March.