Thursday 22nd April, 2021

Join DocHouse and The Guardian to celebrate Colette, the Oscar®-winning short documentary which follows 90-year Colette Marin-Catherine, one of the last surviving members of the French Resistance, on a journey she never thought she'd take.

As a young girl, Colette fought the Nazis as a member of the French Resistance. Since 1945, she has refused to set foot in Germany. That changes when a history student named Lucie enters her life and encourages her to visit the concentration camp where her brother, Jean-Pierre, was killed 74 years before.

It’s a journey of discovery on many levels, but the film’s greatest revelation is Colette herself, who at 90, is finally ready to let go of what she has, for over seven decades, held so tightly inside.

This screening was followed by a live online Q&A with director Anthony Giacchino and producer Alice Doyard, hosted by Guardian journalist Iman Amrani.