An intimate portrait of modern-day Indonesia told from the perspective of three generations of a Christian family living among the largest Muslim community in the world. Rumidjah is a 62 year-old widow living with her son, Bakti and her granddaughter, Tari. Family ties are tested when Bakti decides to convert to Islam for his new bride. Filmed using a unique 'single shot camera' method, this vérité style allows the camera to silently weaves in and out of tunnels and water wells, lingering delicately as characters sleep, eat, and live. Finding its pace in the daily lives of the Sjamsuddin family, Shape of the Moon is a visually stunning film which resonates deeply of faith and gratitude.


Leonard Retel Helmrich joined us after the screening to disucss the film and tell us more about his famous 'single shot technique'



To celebrate the run up to the landmark opening of the Bertha DocHouse screen we collaborated with Open City Docs to bring audiences a taster of what was to come. Together we chose ten of the best documentaries from the DocHouse archives, and brought them back to the big screen, complete with Q&As from some of the most ground-breaking filmmakers in documentary.



Winner: World Cinema Documentary Competition - Sundance 2005

Winner: Joris Ivens Award for Best Documentary - IDFA 2004