ABENDLAND: Q&A with Producer

Thursday 12th January, 2012

UK Premiere of multi-award winning Nikolaus Geyrhalter's subtly apocalyptic view of Western consumerism and decadence, intercut with those desperately trying to enter its borders.

Producer Lucy Ashton joined us for a Q&A.

Lucy Ashton is a freelance journalist and producer specialising in foreign affairs. She has worked for Al-Jazeera, BBC, Ch4 and the Financial Times among others. Lucy collaborated with Nikolaus Geyrhalter on Abendland to produce shoots in the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Malta.



"From the acclaimed director of 'Pripyat', 'Elsewhere' and 'Our Daily Bread', Abendland (in English, The West) is a brilliantly evocative film essay about the Western world, specifically its affluence and exclusiveness." -Hot Docs

Official Selection: Hot Docs 2011

Millenium Award: Planete Doc Festival