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The Q&A screening on Wed 15 May was the UK Premiere for Last Stop Coney Island: The Life and Photography of Harold Feinstein and took place in the Renoir screen with the film's director Andy Dunn and hosted by Carrie Scott, the curator of Found: A Harold Feinstein Exhibition opening on 14 May at 180 The Strand.

This one-off screening in partnership with Justice Travel will is followed by a Q&A with the film's director, Marc Silver, and Andrei Gómez Suarez (Director of the Rodeemos el Diálogo (ReD) Foundation, and research associate at the University of Oxford Centre for Criminology).

Director Orlando von Einsiedel turns the camera on himself in this deeply personal film, as he and his siblings embark on a journey in remembrance of their brother, Evelyn, who took his own life over a decade ago.