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Take Part in our Treasure Hunt for The Lure

Friday 1 September, 2017

To celebrate the release of Tomas’ Leach’s latest documentary The Lure, we’ve arranged a special treasure hunt with our partners so you can join the search.

The Film
In 2010, art dealer Forrest Fenn buried a cache worth millions somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Publishing a cryptic poem with clues to its location, the eccentric millionaire offered the Fenn Treasure up for grabs to anyone who could find it – and tens of thousands have heeded his call. Executive produced by Errol Morris, and with an original score by Calexico, The Lure tells the story of this legendary buried treasure, as revealed through a number of treasure hunters, each driven by something more than simple wealth.

The Hunt
We have hidden four clues for you to find across the internet. Each clue is a riddle which, when solved, will give you a word. Once all the riddles have been solved, you will have a phrase which will unlock the prize. When you’ve got the phrase, you’ll need to head to Curzon Bloomsbury, home of Bertha DocHouse, and ask for a manager. Repeat the phrase to the manager and see if you’re a winner!

The Prize
For the first person to complete the treasure hunt, your reward will be a pair of tickets to any screening of The Lure as well as a bundle of goodies including the film’s poster, tote bag and soundtrack download. The bundle will be sent out to you in the post.

Congratulations to our winner, Joel Davies, who managed to solve the riddles and crack the phrase in record time. Don't let this put you off though, as we've still got a pair of tickets to any screening of The Lure to give away to the next five winners, as well as a tote bag and poster! Good luck ...

If you’ve got any queries, email

Clue #1

Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham played football here until Henry VIII cut me down to make his ships.


For Clue #2, head over to our friends Open City Documentary Festival to solve your next riddle – HERE

For more information on the film and screenings, head here -