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Auto Italia Announces Syria Mobile Film Festival Screening

Tuesday 19 July, 2016

Art organisation Auto Italia will screen this year's Syria Mobile Film Festival as part of their current exhibition Haliweed. From their website: 

Video footage shot via mobile phone cameras had and have an important role in Arab world protest movements. With thousands of activists and journalists bravely spreading clips outside the country and challenging dictatorships by sound and photo, the mobile camera has become a key tool in peaceful struggle and free expression.

Since 2014, Syria Mobile Film Festival has shown its films for local audiences inside Syria despite the hard security conditions, and it has wandered internationally bringing with it the directors’ voices to more than twenty cities around the world. The festival tries to create a unique platform to encourage professional and amateur directors in making creative films via mobile cameras with low budgets.

In addition to cinematic shows, the festival provides opportunities to train young directors through the training program “pixel” and a number of grants and awards. Syria Mobile Film Festival aspires to be a part of global cinema scene, through cooperation with international and Arab festivals and with institutions that work with moving image. Syria Mobile Film Festival seeks to present a free and different cinematic vision, a vision believes that the most accurate image is not necessarily the clearest one.

The Syrian artist, writer and researcher Zaher Shareen – one of the organisers of the festival – will join them for the screening and a Q&A.

To find out more about Auto Italia, the festival and to book tickets, visit their website HERE.