Thursday 3 March, 2022

With Ukraine in our hears and minds, we wanted to highlight the work of native filmmakers and others who have worked to inform audiences about Ukraine’s people and history

Wednesday 15 December, 2021

Not saying we're looking forward to saying goodbye to 2021, but there's a lot to look forward to in 2022. Not least, in the non-fiction department. Here's 5 docs we're looking forward to seeing and sharing when they reach UK cinemas in the New Year.

Tuesday 22 June, 2021

To celebrate Marc Isaac's new release, and his True Story retrospective, we asked Marc to write about his filmmaking journey, sharing the stories from his earliest work up to The Filmmaker's House.

Thursday 20 May, 2021

Read more about What's On in our re-opened cinema and discover the line-up of our still continuing online events.