Q&A hosted by Seán McGovern, Programme Advisor at the BFI LFF and Assistant Programmer at the GAZE Film Festival.

Over 66 days, Bobby Sands’ hunger strike caused a ripple effect across the globe. Telling the story of Sands’ life for the first time, this unique film sets out how he became the architect of his own destiny and describes how his own personal story became overshadowed by his death, as he ascended into the ranks of international icon status.


“When I started at the BBC, I told my boss that I was interested in investigating the nature of Irish Republicanism, a force that seemed then to be threatening the foundations of the British state, when he drew me up in mid-sentence. “When you work at the BBC,” he advised sagely, “Never say what you want to make programmes about. Just say you work at the BBC.” I did manage to make a film about Irish Republicanism, but forty-odd years later [..]. I suppose this proves the adage that one must always stick at things.”

Say What Happened by Nick Fraser (Faber & Faber)