Larry Sider and Mary Milton sit down for an in-depth discussion on all things sound in documentary.

Larry Sider, Director of the School of Sound, and Mary Milton, one of the UK’s most experienced sound recordists, discuss the more technical aspects of sound recording.

Larry Sider
As Director of the School of Sound, an international four-day event exploring the use of sound in film, multimedia and digital art, Larry Sider is credited with elevating the profile of sound across screen production. He is a film editor and sound designer who has worked for thirty years in documentary, animation and fiction. His documentary work includes Not Waving but Drowning (2009), Robinson in Space (1997) and London (1994). Larry was previously Head of Editing, Sound and Music at the NFTS and is also co-editor of The Soundtrack Journal.

Mary Milton
One of the UK’s most experienced sound recordists for observational documentaries, Mary Milton is renowned for working on productions with challenging content. During her 19 year career she has worked all over the world including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Canada and Japan; and across a wide range of genres. Mary has recorded sound on many of Kim Longinotto’s documentaries, including Rough Aunties (2008), Hold me Tight, Let Me Go (2007), Sisters in Law (2005), The Day I Will Never Forget (2002), Runaway (2001) and Gaea Girls (2000)

With special thanks to The Grierson Trust and Splice.