Past screening

XY Chelsea

Directed by: Tim Travers Hawkins
Runtime: 1hr 32min Year: 2019


Directed by: Tim Travers Hawkins
Runtime: 1hr 32min Year: 2019
Country: United Kingdom
Last Screened: Thu 30th May 2019

Private Manning was sentenced to life imprisonment after uploading thousands of documents to WikiLeaks exposing American brutality in Iraq. After an unexpected clemency, Chelsea Manning adjusts to her newfound freedom.

What would you do if you had access to government secrets that could change the world for the better if released – but would land you in unknown trouble? See what happened to Private Manning in XY Chelsea.

In 2010, Manning was an intelligence analyst and uploaded thousands of documents to WikiLeaks revealing U.S soldiers targeting civilians in Iraq. It was the biggest leak of state secrets in U.S history, and she faced the full force of the law – with time in solitary confinement.

President Obama’s last act in office was to free her from her lifetime prison sentence. Now a free woman, Chelsea Manning spends time with her closest allies and reflects on her actions and persecution she experienced due to her gender identity.

XY Chelsea follows Manning’s release 7 years later; her complicated adjustment to an unexpected freedom and a transformed world where social media dominates our narratives.