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Weapon of Choice

Directed by: Fritz Ofner
Runtime: 1hr 29min Year: 2018
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Directed by: Fritz Ofner
Runtime: 1hr 29min Year: 2018
Country: Austria
Last Screened: Thu 20th Sep 2018

The dark side of globalisation is revealed through the story of the Glock pistol: the Austrian designed weapon-of-choice, fetishised in films and the arts and a regular top seller in the international arms market.

“It Never Fails”. The Glock pistol is the world’s most popular handgun and a pop-cultural reference in everything from hip-hop music to live-action films. For the first time, this new documentary explores gun violence from the city street to warzones, through the trade of this iconic gun.

Filmmaking duo Fritz Ofner and Eva Hausberger are behind this dark study of fetishization and global corruption within the weapons trade, which exposes the ultimate tragic irony – cops and crooks, governments and guerrillas, all chasing Glocks with which to kill each other.

The trail starts in a small Austrian village in 1982, when a struggling company, with little experience in firearms design, manufactures a gun that doesn’t block. As it becomes the most sought-after service and murder weapon worldwide, the story of the Glock reveals a web of power, money, politics and tragedy behind the global arms trade.

DocHouse Firsts are a unique series of films that we’ve selected from many international doc festivals for their creative and powerful storytelling. These cinematic gems do not have  UK distributors and would not otherwise have a chance to be seen on the big screen.’

This masterful and precisely researched film is not a conventional current affairs programme but rather a much more immediate, cinematic and consequently more shocking insight into the global workings of arms trade. A must-see to understand this industry and all through the journey of one small handgun – the Glock.’ Elizabeth Wood – Director